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Many homeowners are surprised to learn their home insurance policies don’t cover flooding events. That’s right: Standard homeowner policies won’t cover flood damage.

Flood Insurance & How Standard Home Polices Define ‘Flooding’

If a pipe in your home busted and flooded your floor, would it be considered a “flooding event” and thus, not reimbursed by your homeowners policy? Or would it be covered?

If you answered, “Yes, this event should be covered under my home insurance” (or something similar), you’re correct. A flooded floor or other water damage to the home caused by a busted pipe (or even a malfunctioning appliance) would likely be covered by a typical home policy.

Flood Protection Sandbags with flooded homes in the background (Montage)

What kinds of events, then, are classified as “flooding” and are thus not covered under standard homeowners insurance? Obviously, a heavy rainfall event wherein water rose into the home would qualify as flooding.

However, other kinds of damage classified as “flood damage” under standard homeowners policies aren’t quite as apparent. In other words, your house doesn’t need to flood with rainwater to sustain “flood damage.” As specified in typical homeowners and flood insurance policies, flood damage also includes:

• Rain damage
• Storm surge damage
• Mud damage

It’s a guarantee that your existing homeowners policy (or any home insurance you’re considering for purchase) won’t cover the above events.

Where Do I Buy Texas Flood Insurance?

The overwhelming majority of flood insurance policies across the US—including in the great State of Texas—are sold under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The NFIP is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

To purchase FEMA flood insurance, you must go through an NFIP-Direct-affiliated agency. Lentz-Gann Insurance Agency has sold flood insurance through NFIP for many years.

What Types of Flood Insurance Can I Purchase Through the NFIP?

NFIP flood insurance policies come in two types:

Standard Flood Insurance

These policies are designed for residents who live in communities with an active and ongoing flood management plan. Such communities must also be able to demonstrate that they have enacted certain NFIP guidelines to reduce flood-based damages.

Preferred Risk Flood Insurance

These flood insurance policies are designed for residents living in low-to-moderate risk zones. Such residents aren’t necessarily required to purchase flood insurance but have this option in case they experience a small flood or even an unexpectedly big one.

At Lentz-Gann Insurance Agency, We Sell FEMA Flood Insurance

If you’re shopping for flood insurance anywhere in Texas, we’d be thrilled to hear from you! We can help you find and purchase an appropriate flood insurance policy.

Got questions about flood insurance? At Lentz-Gann, we’ve got the answers you need to make informed decisions about insurance coverage! For a free flood insurance quote, call Lentz-Gann Insurance Agency today at 325-388-4777! For a free online home insurance quote, fill out the quote form on the contact page!

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